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Welcome to St. Mary's School Port Blair

Discipline And Cleanliness Wing

A Life without discipline is like a rudderless ship, left to its own fate on the high stormy sea.

Discipline being the most important aspect in every walk of life should be cultivated from the school level itself. A school can prosper, develop and become successful only if its students are highly disciplined.

The Discipline wing looks after the spiritual and personality development of the students. It also performs various duties to enhance discipline among the students like proper school uniform, personal grooming, teaches obedience, class punctuality good manners, co-operation, orderliness, self control and so on.

It also performs monthly assessment for each class based on the discipline and cleanliness. A rolling trophy is also given to the best disciplined and clean class.

Discipline is more important and highly regarded than education so discipline wing enforce strict regularity and punctuality among the students to help them rise high in later life.

Name of Teachers in-charge
  • Mrs Sindu
  • Mrs. S. Jyothi Lakshmi
  • Mrs. Shabana Begum
  • Mrs. Pillai Shanti Narayan
  • Mr. Krishna Murthy
  • Mr. Sanjay
Name of the Students in Discipline Committee
  • P.M. Gowtham - Leader
  • Sareena - Assistant Leader
  • Ashwani Kumar Singh - Member
  • Ojasvi Rah - Member
  • K.G. Ankita - Member
Name of the students in cleanliness committee
  • Jossey John - Leader
  • S. Abhisha Kumari - Assistant Leader
  • Vaishnavi Lall - Member
  • Ruby - Member
  • Junaid Ahmed - Member
Every person is a temple that God has built for himself as such cleanliness committee believes this and looks after this. Cleanliness Committee looks after the personal hygiene of students and sanitation of the school. This committee monitors the students for keeping their body, clothes, food, books and surrounding clean and tide. The committee also sensitizes the children to the fact that waste of any kind is wrong. It could be food, water, electricity and so on. This wing also gives personal counseling to the students.

Cleanliness wing has also taken steps in making the school green, clean and beautiful by planting more and more plants in the school premises.

The committee works efficiently and has done an remarkable job, we hope this trend will continue a long run in future.