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Welcome to St. Mary's School Port Blair



Today it’s a world of advance Science and technology. New Scientific developments experiments and ideas have proved to be very useful in our day to day life. Using different teaching aids and charts we try to make our class rooms a good learner center. We have implemented many different ways to make Science effective. This includes – science exhibition and competition etc.
  • Projects and Experiments: Providing stimulus for students to develop, modify and change their ideas and views.
  • Seminars: We conduct Seminars which will help students to explore their ideas and test their ability in explaining.
  • Science Quiz: Quiz is conducted to recall and ally essential information, concepts etc.
  • International Science Olympaid

“Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe “
                                                                                                - Galiles -

To target the comprehension level of our students we conduct various assessments to make it more interesting and effective . Such as,
  • Maths Quiz: Includes logical reasoning, Mathematical thinking, General concert, Basic fundamentals of Maths ect.,
  • Maths Exhibition: Display of Mathematical Models(working)
  • International Mathematics Olympaid
  • Learning by doing process: It help students in understanding the mathematical facts by working out the projects in a simpler and investigative way
  • Seminars: Seminars are conducted based on following topics:
    • History of Mathematics
    • Contributions of India Mathematicians in the field of Mathematics.
    • Importance of Mathematics in daily life.
Examination Wing: A group of dedicated teachers have be enrolled only to look after the Examinations Conducted during the Academic year.