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Welcome to St. Mary's School Port Blair


Physics Lab
The Physical Laboratory is spacious, well equipped & systematically arranged . The lab has almost all the apparatus required for the experiments which are given in the curriculum of different classes especially for class XI & XII.

Biology Lab
Our school is endowed with well equipped biology laboratory in the serene and gardening atmosphere. It is equipped with sufficient number of compound and simple microscope. We got a well maintained preserved plant and animal specimens to cater to the needs of the students of all categories. Permanent slides are available in our laboratory according to the syllabus of all standards.

Chemistry Lab
“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind “

While theory in science is mandatory part of education, learning practically is also essential part of a student’s life. Chemistry is an essential part of Everyday life such as chemicals in medicines foods and cleaning agents.

Keeping in view of the above, the St. Mary’s School, Bathubasthi, provided with well established Chemistry Laboratory in the school. The laboratory is well equipped and provided with required apparatus and chemicals. At a time around 30 students can do the experiments. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis are carried out in the laboratory by the students.

Mathematics Lab
Mathematics Laboratory is a room where we find collection of different kinds of materials and teaching / learning aids, needed to help the students understand the concept through relevant, meaningful and concrete activities.It encourages our students to discuss, think and assimilate the concept of Mathematic in a better manner through group learning and provides an opportunity to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete situations. It lays down a sound base for more abstract thinking.

Social Science Lab
The Social Science Laboratory is a centre of attraction of learning with globes, Maps, Charts and models related to the various streams of Social Science. It is also an archive (a collection) of projects and models brought out by the senior class students which tend to be an inspiration to the upcoming children . It also inculcate in them new ideas and views of adventure and learning rather than the prevailing notion of social science being dull & boring. We use this as a teaching aid, which are frequently used during classes and have been providing great help to the teachers.

The idea behind the laboratory basically is to make Social Science a subject of interest among the students who today are all in the race of Mathematics and Science. Social Science is made of two things – Science & Philosophy, Science is what you know & Philosohy is what you don’t.