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Arts & Craft

Arts & Craft – Craft is a training where students learn to develop those skills which will help them in their day to day life.

We teach many different craft in our school. Like:
  • Embroidery, basic of stitching
  • Fabric painting
  • Calligraphy and poster making.
  • Paper Craft, various articles from waste materials like doormat, flowers made by garlic skin, onion skin. Different types of landscape and collage work with paper & egg shells etc...
Arts plays a vital role in students life. Dance is a art of keeping themselves physically and mentally fit especially for students in schools. Six hours of school and in between 45 minutes of team dance practice will definetly give happiness and relief to their mind. It also helps to catch their individual talents and motivate it in their future.

We St.Mary’s school Bathubasthi helps our students to learn the basic steps of Dance from their primary section itself. We got a energetic and enthusiastic Dance Master for our students. The dance classes is organized in such a way that each one of our students gets a chance to learn this art and enjoy the same.